5 Mind-Blowing Pancakes From Around The World

5 Mind-Blowing Pancakes From Around The World


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Our most recent video saw chaos in the kitchen as Jamie and Baz went head-to-head… In a pancake technique battle! To honour this, we asked you, our incredible foodie community, what the best way is to have pancakes where you’re from. We received tons of responses and put together a flippin’ awesome list of some of the tastiest pancakes from around the world. The best part about pancakes is that they have very different definitions depending on where in the world you’re enjoying them! Have a read and let us know if you recognise any…

  1. Okonomiyaki 

There’s a reason that this layered, savoury, Japanese pancake is a favourite amongst the food team here at Sorted… It’s absolutely delicious! Okonomiyaki is made with flour, eggs, spices, shredded cabbage and a meat of your choice. In the past, we’ve used bacon or substituted it for wild mushrooms as a veggie alternative. The toppings for this pancake are where it gets fun! Typically, this can consist of okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise (try kewpie mayo), spring onions, ginger, katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), aonori (a fragrant, green seaweed) - the list is endless depending on your preference.

Okonomiyaki is very popular all over Japan, but the city of Hiroshima holds a record of having “more okonomiyaki restaurants per capita” than any other region in the country! Even more interestingly, the word itself translates to ‘whatever you want’ (okonomi) and grilled (yaki). 

  1. Uttapam 

Uttapam is a traditional, savoury breakfast pancake served in South India. Unlike a dosa, uttapam is a lot thicker - this along with a piping hot cup of tea is said to be a match made in foodie heaven! Commonly, it’s made with a vegan, lentil rice batter and topped with vegetables of your choice, herbs and spices. Onions, green chillies, tomatoes… Whatever your heart desires. This is very different for those that may usually go for a sweeter pancake in the mornings - what do you prefer? Let us know on IG or Twitter!

Uttapam is perfect as a light breakfast and can be served along with coconut chutney, sambar (a South-Indian stew made with a variety of veg, lentils and fragrant spices), or channa masala (chickpea curry), paneer, aloo gobi - there’s so much to choose from! 

  1. Pikelets

These mini gems are a popular snack or breakfast food in Australia and New Zealand, considered to be a mix between scones, pancakes and crumpets (but without as many holes and a lot thinner)! Typically, pikelets are served with jam and cream - a delicious, rich treat to satisfy the tastebuds. The best part? There is plenty of opportunity to make these little beauties savoury too! What’s stopping you from going for a ham, courgettes (or zucchini depending on where you’re from), tomato, or even a smoked salmon and cream cheese topping if you’re feeling boujee?

The word ‘pikelets’ originates from the Welsh word bara pyglyd, or pitchy bread - an old recipe for a dark, sticky type of bread.

  1. Cachapa

Cachapas are traditional corn pancakes and popular street food in Venezuela and Colombia! Cachapas are sweet, slightly crispy on the outside, and usually folded over with a filling in the middle. Typically, they can be served with butter and queso de mano, which is a soft, white Venezuelan cheese (similar to mozzarella)! But of course, you’re not limited to this - you can always mix things up by adding a meat of your choice (pork is quite a popular option in the form of ham or sausages), vegetables and sauces. 

Cachapas can be enjoyed for breakfast, the perfect balance of salty and sweet flavours makes this a great choice for when you want the best of both worlds.

  1. Martabak Manis

This glorious treat is for those that have a sweet tooth… Martabak manis are thick, sweet Indonesian pancakes with many variants across Southeast Asia! Martabak manis has a sticky, chewy texture that is soaked in butter and cut into small squares - perfect for a cheeky, rich  snack or dessert. The middle can consist of fillings from sprinkles, chopped nuts, Nutella, grated cheese, and more… again, the choice is yours! 

We couldn’t mention Indonesian pancakes without also giving a special shoutout to dadar gulung. These sweet, rolled pancakes are filled with grated coconut and palm sugar! As it’s infused with pandan leaves, the pancakes have a beautifully vibrant green colour.

We’ve definitely noticed a couple of things from this incredible list! One is that pancakes are a way to excite our tastebuds with the fillings of our desires, whilst also being the perfect way to make the most of leftovers! This is in fact where Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) began, with the intention of using up the ingredients in our kitchen before the start of lent. Now, it’s over to you! We hope these pancakes have inspired you… Let us know how you plan on making yours for Pancake Day on IG or Twitter.


Sorted Food x

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