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With my mighty menu of recipes, personalised recommendations and powerful features, cooking becomes an adventure filled with laughter, experimentation, and delicious discoveries. Best of all? I’ll be holding your hand the whole time.

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We’ll be soaring through step-by-step recipes, keeping you ahead of the game with every chop, stir and sizzle. I’ll even help you clean as you go, so you can focus on creating culinary masterpieces without the mess.

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Say goodbye to impulse buys and hello to shopping like a seasoned chef! I’ll give you smart weekly shopping lists and guide you through the aisles with precision and finesse.

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Not just the kind you knead, but the kind you’ll save! By planning your meals and using every ingredient to the max, I’ll shrink your food waste and slash your shopping bills.

Don’t trust me?! Listen to my heroes!

kitchen confidence


I was in absolute awe the first few times I used the app because I created edible food! Since then my confidence in the kitchen has soared.

Robyn, Canada

proud of myself


The first sidekick meal l ever made was totally something I would have never made before, it was delicious and I felt proud of myself for my cooking for the first time ever.

Meri, New Zealand

Planning sorted!


Going through a whole month without ordering takeout because our meals were already planned was awesome.

Rose, UK

Genius combos


Realising how few ingredients are need to crazy flavour.

John, UK

Makes life easy


Risotto has always intimidated me and Sidekick showed me it's not as complicated.

Gillian, USA

Cook Together


My wife and I are even closer now that we share the kitchen and cook meals together.

Chris, Australia

try something new


There were some dishes where I had to cook with ingredients I have never cooked with before, and it was amazing. This really made me feel like l am broadening my cooking horizons.

James, South Africa

reduces mental load


Completely exhausted after a stressful week at work and trying to come up with menu for the week - having resource that does the thinking for you is hugely valuable.

Blake, USA

Happy days!


The smile on my girlfriends face when she eats the food I cook us.

Aiden, UK

No stress


I was freaking out about grocery shopping with no idea what to make for the upcoming week but then remembered the Sidekick app and I got to each a bunch of delicious meals! It was a life saver!

Jane, USA

Zero waste


The first time i completed a pack and there wasn't anything left in the fridge... or the bin.

Andy, UK

exciting dinners


Every-time we cook something we would have never thought to cook and it's delicious. Your app has made our dinners so much more different and exciting.

Kelsey, New Zealand

Super smart


The realisation that I no longer have to pick individual recipes and combine their shopping lists anymore.

Nikolas, Europe